Seoul Garden: Research

As always: First step is research. Visual and textual reference.

miguel chevalier's power flowers create a digital garden of light ...
Miguel Chevalier’s Power Flowers (Shanghai)

I won’t do a projection, but floor is a very important part of a 3D space and I like this one.

Museum of Other Realities (Cannes XR Festival 2020)

I haven’t found too much virtual galleries that make use of digital space except for this years new XR section at Cannes.

I have to share Patrick Blanc with the world, what cool vertical garden this dude creates! Unfortunately the only garden in Seoul private.

Some concrete ideas are urban gardening and rooftop gardens, there is a quite big scene in Seoul. Even the government supports shop owners and private citizens growing small green spots around their buildings. We try to find someone to interview on that. There is also traditional garden called Seongnagwon that will maybe give us an interview on symbols and philosophy in Korean gardening.