Seoul Garden: Emergence

What a catchy title. But for now that doesn’t matter, first I need content to give that name a reason to exist.

Short background information: The Art Collider at K-ARTS asked me if I want to participate in this years Ars Electronica festival! Since many of my friends didn’t knew it: It is probably the biggest institution focussing solely on contemporary digital media art, localized in Linz, Austria. So of course I said YES!

Art Collider was interested in my Brains Gallery at first place. But the topic of K-ARTS contribution is „Garden“ not „Brain“. Additionally my work has to be presented in desktop and mobile browser, ideally in Mozilla Hubs. In order to make sense in their concept I need to rethink… almost everything. Letting go of ideas is luckily something I learned already the last months.

First Brainstorming Output:

  • Change content of photographs to „Garden“
  • specialize on one field; i.e. Urban Gardening in Seoul
  • Change appearance of gallery to sth. more green-garden like
  • take the visitors on urban hiking trails in Seoul…
  • … that illustrate Seoul a green city. That point was actually crucial, many people living here long time don’t see Seoul as green city. But I do.
  • regarding that Ars Electronica loves society critical works: better deal with society, not myself (haha no probs, I hate talking about myself anyways)

First Sketchy Hub: