Seoul Garden: New Team Mate <3

The following statement is a bit personal but I will still share it with public. For the Ars Electronica contribution I have for the first time an assistant to work with and support me. Usually that has always been my part 😀 It feels unusual to give someone instructions but I have to admit: not bad.

Four field trips so far. We didn’t even insert everything we discovered.

My Korean research and language helper Subin Lee proves herself despite slow English speaking and understanding as a great help. She loves the topic of Seoul as green city as much as I do and finds very different insider information in the Korean part of web that remains a secret to me. Also I feel that she gets very quickly what I imagine this web documentary to be about. She finds exactly the places I am looking for, but can’t find. I am reeeally thankful for her help!! Unfortunatly she can not accompany me on all my interviews due to her job, but I am sure I will find another adventurous Korean to go hunting for impressive images.
Edit 10.11.2020: Didn’t find another Korean. Had to go on my own and talk to strangers in the park. Sadly to me the hardest part of this project.