Seoul Garden: Remote Teamwork

I am back in Germany for almost two weeks now, which means all of my teammates are hundrets to hundretthousands of kilometers away. An interesting experiment of intercultural far distance cooperation (via Trello) in a 3D web documentary, what is an experiment just on its own… Yes, there are still many unsolved questions. But at least I am not the only 3D artist anymore, Cornelius Hussing is helping me out:)

My field research is done! Subin proved to be outgoing and charming, thus an amaaazing help for the interviews. Additionally we were so lucky that day and got two spontanious opportunities: to interview gardeners in public parks and the proud owner of the best decorated house of Korea 2018.

The photographs in that post probably won’t make it into the final documentary because they were strictly speaking not taken in the boundries of Seoul. Still worth posting.