Ghost at Sulim Inn VR: Refined Coding

Juli 2020

Some amateur reflections on my code´: I really feel the need to rewrite everything. If this game will ever leave beta stage I will be so looking forward to reorganize all my improvised code. And here is how:

  • The more logic fits into one script the better! For example the bool that holds if the player is in the bar or not is important for more than one script. So the bar itself can provide this and other information centralized
  • Short introduction (video) to a new topic like ‚animation‘ or ’sound‘ saves soo much time for later. I hate YouTube tutorials, but gotta admit that trial and error is not the way to learn Unity
  • I hate so say this but: First make a not-codes structure, like a flow chart or other notes that show who needs which information, where it is stored, which states objects need and so on so forth.