Seoul Garden: The Challenges of Poineering

There is one big problem in finding new ways of doing art: Nobody, including myself, knows how to do it. How to test it. How visitors will experience it.

So every step I do is another very first step. The shoes might be familiar: I use camera, video, research and interview. But some times it feels like I wear these shoes the wrong way around. I edit, but the result will be non linear. I take photos that won’t be printed or appear on somebodys insta. My research won’t form a well phrased essay. They all come together in a virtual gallery, that thing I have to explain to everybody on mention.

A virtual gallery that has no rules yet. There is nothing to be done wrong, no expectations to disappoint. It is based on intuition what could work and on some experiences on how previous creations affected spectators. Somewhat riscy, yet exiting. To quote Nathan W. Pyle: „This is moderatly unsafe“ … „I am delighted“