Brains Gallery: Concept on paper

After having the first idea and researching I should write down the concept. Slightly scary because I am forced to dense down the wealth of tiny ideas floating in my head.

MAIN GOAL. Recreating my subjective experience of a European living in South Korea for short time. The player can be anybody who has a relation to Seoul/Korea: Another foreigner planning to go, Koreans who want to gain another point of view on their home country or fellow students comparing their impression to mine.
ARCHIEVED BY. On one side real footage like photographs, real textures and sound recordings that build the environment. On the other side the gameplay itself. It is non-linear, focused on collecting object and close observation.
MOST IMPORTANT: GAMEPLAY. Player explores a unreal, dreamy space that contains multiple rooms which are connected not through doors, but photographs on the walls that act as portals. Each room is dedicated to one element/object -> shows (only) related photographs, decoration and sound design. To enter another room Player has to find a photo showing the desired element.
To make traveling through that space delighting many easter eggs to collect and interact with can be found. First ideas are:

  • water dispensers
  • slippers
  • korean phrases to translate
  • iptime WiFi spots
  • Ajumma complaining about your weight/mask/being just weird
  • food-quiz
  • to be continued

Progress in collecting these or interacting enable little features like GPS tags on the photos, scratches of my analoge diary, background information about Seoul/my neighborhood etc.