Brains Gallery: Research

Actually, Step 0.9 and 1. First thing my professor Chung asked me to find a working title. I never expect this piece to leave beta state anyways, so it’s name will forever be „Brains Gallery“. Step 0.9 done.

Real first step is than doing research. I personally never like to do that. When I made up my own idea I don’t like others concepts getting in the way. I admit that is false pride, as if my ideas could not be improved by somebody else. So what did research offer me? I will attache links to read along yourself, but let me conclude: Art games tend to be not fun at all. More irritating to annoying. Check out Rod Humbles games to find our yourself. But no reproach here because as he states his games are not meant to entertain but to express his insides. Anyways, for the sake of my audience, my game should be fun in some way.

My concept is so unique that it is hard to find games that are comparable and could serve as reference. What might a clue towards it not being a good idea. Research still found some cool articels that reminded me that the connection of games and diaries is not new and a generally gladly seen feature. Reddit is never failing me with unforeseen yet adorable efforts people put into the mondane, this time a printed map with detailled annotaions, travel routes and scribbels accompanying their Skyrim playthrough. Or this essay about why we love to have extra diaries in games that let us dive deeper into charakter development, what can otherwise be hard to accomplish without leaving the flow of the games mechanics.

Learning output from this one: The person writing the diary is crucially to catch players interest. For Brains Gallery obviously not be the player itself as in the reddit post, but me communicating my thoughts to the player in various ways, I think I have to reveal a bit more of myself and really connect to the player. Maybe through direct speech? Too easy?