Brains Gallery: Frustration transforms into…

TRIGGER WARNING: This post involves complains and mumbling.
Turns into… something funny, I hope? Long time no (official) update on this project due to lesser time and creative drought. Adding up to some other mayor game design problems that are:

  • I am so used to timeline based environments like After Effects, Premiere & Co. that when it comes to animations, transitions, basically movement, I find it very hard to adapt on a real-time rendering.
  • Some time passed since I coded object orientated. Where does the; freaking ; go again;;;??;
  • Any idea I have takes 2h of researching a whole other field of Unity. You wanna adjust contrast? No problem, take this shader plus some more layers, interconnect them, place them at the right rendering layer and right camera and trial and error your adjustments without direct preview. Easy.
  • Last but not least: Working all alone sucks. I hate to do concepts as well a research and coding and design and photography.

read from here for positive vibes.

After letting it all out it’s time to face the truth: First games are meant to be buggy disappointments for player and creator. Since I won’t have the time to fix all of them or implement all the cute little eastereggs I had in mind I might just deal with it. Make bugs part of the game, comment them in game, maybe even make them part of the mechanics. From now on, I will invest maximum 2h in one idea go with whatever that gives me.