Brains Gallery: Research Take 2

Tldr; Combinig photography with games is a struggel. Videogames are not idealy set up as an expressive medium for personal feelings and experiences. Let’s try it still.

My professor reviewed my progress so far and gave some advise from players perspective.

  • Main goal is exploring so I should give the player freedom to move by himself. Teleporting to move around can be annoying and constraining. Interrupting flow.
  • Why would I make a virtual gallery with photographs in frames? Everything is possible!
  • Design of the gallery itself could create unrealistic space. Not only the photographs, more important the placement and relation to their environment is creating the message.

So I of course thought even further:

  • The idea of making Brains Gallery dynamicly changing over gameplay came to my mind earlier, so…
  • … why not a cube from inside, gravity on all sides, every inside is dedicated to one element?
  • … why not a hub from where I can travel to islands or planets? (Don’t like that, it is like the first idea but with senseless hub)
  • … why do I need walls/defined space at all?

Further googleling for „video game unrealisting space“ results in only negative articels that show off how badly games imitate reality. I keep forgetting people expect games to be realistic for some strange reason. At the same time I try to combine real photos with unrealistic space (and probably also unreal graphics). Sounds like its doomed to fail;)

EDIT: Here you go, new concept art just popped out of my head after taking a few days break from overthinking it.