Ghost at Sulim Inn VR: Fun with Shaders

Security camera

General look/switch camera

Memory shading

Woow, so much progress for coding, story and general gameplay today/last week! But let’s stick to the coding part.

I finally understood the difference between colliders and triggers in Unity. (A trigger is basically a collider that only detects but doesn’t stop other rigids.) This enables me to create areas that transfer the player into the memories or from technical perspective change the active camera and add/change the audio source. Next thing here is to fade between the cameras.

Not intuitive to find out was how to change the look like in the videos above. I as a filmmaker and photographer expected „basic“ features like contrast or saturation to be a standart setting for the camera. Better get used to the complicated ways of game design. Add a shading layer to the camera that again has several layers of image manipulation. With some basic effects I could get quite good results. Now I only have to find out how to attach several cameras, namely all the memory cameras, to one shader.

I also updated general lightning what slowed everything down to almost not playable. Realy have to find out why..