Brains Gallery: New game approaching

I was surprised, how independent my Indepentend Project at the K-ARTS university actually is. I can do pretty much whatever I want „Better you try 20 small ugly things than one big boring one“. Sound like a general good life advise!
… but too much freedom can lead to creative constipation. First week I couldn’t come up with anything, except that I feel the urge to bring order into the Korean chaos that surrounds me. So I go back to my good old friend the camera and firstly collect elements that make up the Korean chaos for me.

Now first approach to organize photographs is due to the medium itself mostly 2D, what turned out too simplistic for my purpose. How practical, that I wanted to learn a 3D Engine, namely Unity, anyways. So why not trying to visualize my subjective view on Korean experience in form of a game?